full grown hen with chick problem?

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  1. So you know how a chick will get poo stuck on there butt? Well its like this but on a full grown hen. She acts fine but has poo all over her butt [​IMG]i love my orp so any ideas why she is like this? shes on the botttom of the pecking order if that helps.
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    She might have some sort of worms, or maybe a change in diet.
  3. shes the only one though, but our leghorn i noticed pooed a really watery poo, like no fecal matter just urine and the white stuff... (i know im graphic LOL!)
  4. Any one? i have a hen with the same problem and i had to TOUCH the poo , I dont even like that hen!!!!!! [​IMG] Please?
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    If you want to save this chicken you have to bring her into the house & spray her bottom with warm watter as you pick it off of her. I am in Minnesota and outside cleaning can not be done here at this time of year. I feel sorry for your hen, she must be myserible. She has pasty butt, I am thinking. If you don't gently clean her up & pat her bottom dry, she will die a needless death. Good luck to her and to you. [​IMG]
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  6. i did [​IMG]shes inside for now
    both of them

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