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I bought 60 of these eggs from this seller this winter. Had a good hatch rate, right at 50% in the dead of winter and shipped eggs. I still have 10. Birds lay well and are all they should be. But they are NOT large birds!!! I was bored and weighed every bird at 6,7,and 8 weeks of age. As of 8 weeks none were 11 oz. These are not jumbo birds. In my opinion, IF the breeder stock is 16oz, there old enough to vote. Bill
Never heard of this person, there are a few breeders down here, but not that many. It could be the big farm that just expanded. Never seen them...
Thanks Bill, now I know who you're talking about. They had some adds on craigslist before. From what I've heard they sell a lot but don't have the best stock. The breeder I got mine from knew about one in Friendship, he had a few from there.
Hiya..well To Get A Few Things Stright

First Hi Im The Seller..no Im Not New Breeder I Have Neen Doing Quail For Over 30 Yrs..yes As I State In My Ads I Have Some That Are Full Pound But I Fed Mine Mostly Meal Worms Which Have 47% How You Raise And Fed Your Animals Makes A Difference..

Yes I Got Good Fertility And Good Stock!!!!! Stock I Worked On For Yrs To Get Them As They Are...


Im Sorry You Feel I Dont Have Good Stock Evidently You Just Heard That Down The Line Haven't You Learned By Now As An Adult Not To Go By Hear Say...

Hmm Been Selling These For 30 Yrs No Complaints Sold Here On Byc Many Times I Sold On Ebay With Repeat Customers For Several Years...99.7 Feedback..i Must Have Good Stock

I Have 4 Meat Processing Companies I Channel Out To,3 Main Breeder's On The West Coast I Channel Out To Every 2 Weeks.. But From Hear Say I Dont Have Good Stock
Well, everyone gets a fair shake around here my friend

I wish others would do the same.

Evaluating anyone's stock is time consuming, and may even be costly.

Please don't knock anyone's stock, unless you have paid your dues, and tried it out yourself!

There is no such thing as 8-10 week old 1 pound coturnix! (NOPE, THERE IS NOT).
There are however, target stock, that can enhance.
This is what counts in my book after this amount of time you are just feeding them they rarely gain anymore weight unless you keep them in the dark. to just feed a quail meal worms that is what like a $400.00 quail per bird yea that will catch on LOL
i dont think i said thats all they eat

they receive meal worms each morning...where the world you get 400.00 gee i dont buy my worms i raise them which cost me about 2.50 a month per 5000 worms...and alot of roasting an storing...

actually alot of breeder's have their own meal worm farm for that reason lmao 400.00 ...you might wanna read up on that

they also get non medicated fed in the evening
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