Full size Sebright?


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Mar 24, 2009
Deland, FL
Many full size chicken breeds have bantam counterparts but, is there such a thing as a Sebright that is full size? I think they are a beautiful breed and was just wondering. Thanks to all they BYC posters. I learn something from you guys every time I log on!
Sigh...I thought that might be the case. See, I knew you guys would know!
Thanks again,
Yeah, as everyone has previously mentioned already...there's no standard size Sebright. However, I knew a guy who raise standard size Hennie and he cross a ginger red Hennie stag with a Golden Sebright hen. I didnt think it would turn out at all because well...I didn't think the eggs were be fertile due to the size difference. However it actually came out decent looking...feathers coloring on half of them were wrong and majority of the off springs have straight combs, not rose comb. He immediately got rid of it as he considered them just *a experimental project*. But yeah, that was the closest thing to a standard size Sebright I've seen.

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