Fully formed chicks dead in shell!!!

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5 Years
Mar 10, 2014
Northeast Georgia
OK I have 80% of my chicks in the last two hatches fully formed and dead in the shell about half with the yolk absorbed and about half with yolk not absorbed. What the heck is going on? Here is the information that i have......1. the incubator is 50 to 55% humidity the first 18 days and around 65% humidity the last three days. I have seen the humidity as low as 48% in the setter and as high in the hatcher as 72%. 2. the temp in these crappy foam incubators moves from 102 to 98 degrees. 3. I am feeding my flock 22% super layer from Faithway feed company. 4. All my brood stock is right at a year old. 5. I have Wheaten Ameraucanas and Crested Cream Legbars. I have to get this resolved......IM LOOSING A FORTUNE IN CHICKS AND THATS WHAT WE GREW OUT AN ATE LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

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