fun craft ideas?


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Feb 21, 2009
well i don't have any ceramic animals, so thats kinda out of the question. i was more thinking something that could be used with animals. like a bird feeder or bird house, but i can't make either of those. whatever i make, i want it to serve a purpose.


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May 8, 2007
Sometimes I make things for my pets. Like cat beds, cat toys, pots of kitty grass, painted pots for the kitty grass or catnip, dog collars, dog sweaters or coats, dog snacks, dog beds, parrot toys, parrot playgyms, a chicken garden, an improved fish pond or anything else I can think of!

Some stenciling or decorative painting on a coop is fun, too. Do your ducks or cats need anything?

Bird feeders don't have to be big and fancy. They can also be a simple tray that has drainage. I have one that's just a simple wood frame with window screen attached on the bottom, that hangs by three chains (could use rope) that connect at the top. The birds love it!

I also made a feeder by taking a log and drilling some big holes in it. I packed the holes with a peanut butter and suet mix, that had some raisins and nuts mixed in. I might have put a bit of cornmeal in there, too. I put a big screw eye in the top, to hang it. They loved that one!

Maybe you could wander around your place and see what you have, that could be turned into something else. Sometimes that inspires me.


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Jan 7, 2009
We have a couple in Orono that makes shadow cutouts. You would need a scroll saw or jig saw, plywood, black paint, sand paper and any large outline pattern. Like a dog, cat, horse, cow, person. Draw the pattern on the plywood. Then cut it out with your saw following the lines your drew. Sand the rough edges. Add on picked fence shaped piece of wood. This is to drive in the ground. Paint it black and you have your shadow cutout. They are very nice. Not at all hard to make. They have their lawn covered with them. It's not tacky cheap looking either. It looks like a beautiful work of art. I like the black bear and the horse drawn buggy. The moose too. Not sure where they get the patterns. I will take some pictures when they put them out. It wont be for awhile. We still have a good amount of snow.

Have you tried Or they have some great ideas.
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Apr 27, 2007
Webster, FL
When my kids were little I would pick a theme and then we would make a board game. They would all help draw it on cardboard, and then make up cards on index cards, and they had a blast, not really a craft but it is a fun family project

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