Fun flock behavior


Mar 5, 2015
I live on a lovely farm with 6 hens and lots of other animals. These are the first chickens I have every loved and I am amazed at how smart and personable they are. I learned not to let them out to free range until after 9 or so in the morning, giving the predators a chance to go to bed. (thanks folks, for the advice).

They happily mingle with the other animals all day and then, in the late afternoon (not dusk), come and knock on the back door if I have not been out to see them. The whole flock stands on the deck and one or two designated red sex links bang on the back door with their beaks.

It always gets the five dogs excited, barking, going crazy, at the "visitor" at the back door.

Of course, I have to go out and talk to and pet them.

The other day I was cleaning my car from the week's work, and two of them jumped in the back seat and sat down.

The mail lady came to the property to check on a package bound for the previous owner of the farm. When they heard my voice, they all came running and surrounded us.

Sweet animals these chickens. They really are wonderful pets. Under appreciated by commercial raisers for their sweet intelligence and love of life, industriousness, gentle spirits, and willingness to bond with all creatures. My donkey and goats really like them. I love them dearly.

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