fun in New Braunfels Texas!


10 Years
May 21, 2009
Texas Hill Country!
The Comal County Fair is going on right now in New Braunfels! The backyard chicken show is awesome, they even have hatching eggs on display. I entered 4 of my chickens so please root
for them! I entered my BR pullet, EE pullet, my white creasted black bantam polish pullet and my bantam buff cochin roo. There are so many sermas and adorable seabrights on display!!!
We even lucked out and met a group of 4H kids called the Fancy Feather group, they specialize in showing and chicken care. So I went to the meeting last night and signed up my son and he is excited!
I am glad your son is excited, he should be because chicken shows are just that- exciting. The Fancy Feather 4-h kids do a great job of putting on a show. They have a show at the same barn in the spring where there are lots of different breeds exhibited by people from all over the state.
There are other shows close by in La Grange and College Station. Here is a link to a show coming up in January that a lot of the same 4-H kids will be at-


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