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I was going through our log files over the past 30 days and found some search terms and found them interesting enough to share with the community.

Here are number of visits that resulted in people using some fun and interesting terms within search engines and wound up at BYC:

86 - black chicken poop
547 - fisher cat
185 - newly hatched chick on its back
225 - peacocks for sale in tn
78 - the best dog for chickens
169 - toys for chickens
90 - pizza dough
235 -usps approved poultry shipping boxes
141 - quietest breed of turkey
86 - drumsticks

And my all time favorite:
114 - packing peanuts
(as you can imagine, not a lot of these visitors found what they were looking for at BYC)

The more our great community keeps generating wonderful content on the forum and via the BYC Member Pages the more people we'll draw into our sickne.... er... um... hobby!

A Chicken In Every Yard!!!
ok i can understand how all of the searches led them to dough???? what does that have to do with chickens?
I LOVE that packing peanuts search brought them here! Can you imagine their confusion? I just hope they didn't try it in that box they were sending! Someone would be in for a surprise opening THAT present

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