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    Feels like all husband and I do is work on the house or the yard and do a lot of chores. We need some fun! We live in a pretty big town, but even still, things we haven't done yet tends to be expensive. We've seen all the museums. We've eaten out, boring and expensive. Movies... expensive and we don't like the crowd or the possibility of picking up bedbugs while there (unless that was just the news station fear mongering)

    The festivals will start up soon, those are fun. But the majority of stuff around here is a retail setting or something we've done a lot. We owe the Zoo and Botanical Garden a visit, haven't been in a long time.

    We bought bikes, but it's been raining A LOT. Limiting our yard work time, and fun time.

    I took up oil painting, but that doesn't include husband. He took up furniture refinishing, and turned out an amazing Oak dresser that was shabby and painted over like 15 times. We gave $40 for it at an Antique mall and now, it would likely be worth $150 in today's market. ($350 some 15 years ago, too bad!) so we need to get him another piece to work on.

    But as far as things to do... 'What do you want to do today?" "I dunno, we need to go grocery shopping" "Ok, let's go"..... fun fun.

    We're spoiled though, we lived in Germany and all you had to do was hop on a bus or train and you were entertained for hours without actually having a destination. But we moved back to where we were born... and we have all this free time now, in a city where we've seen most everything... it sucks!

    We're talking about buying land and what all we would do with it... just means more work. LOL Board games and card games we've exhausted.

    What the heck can we do with ourselves?

    The things on the list so far...

    One day at the Zoo
    One day at the Botanical Gardens
    One day at the Conservatory
    One day at the "castle" up north
    Periodic bike trips
    Home "fun" hobbies for each of us
    Festivals and Fairs
    Flea Markets
    Fishing (need to sort the gear out and get licenses)
    Camping (requires some cash to escape from the city, no cool camping near by like when we lived down south by Land Between The Lakes)

    I was thinking about showing one of my rabbits and maybe some ducks. I don't even know how that works though as a grown up. Not like I have kids to tote around while they do it with 4-H or something.

    Already taught the dogs to run next to the bike. So sometimes they go on bike rides with us.

    Last year we went to the Smoky Mountains and had a blast. SO FUN, but pricey. Not something we can do every weekend.

    But husband is basically "retired" at 28 years old from the Army and will soon be on a college schedule. He's finally decided on Electrical Engineering, so we'll have YEARS of hanging out when he's not busy with school.

    After he got hurt over seas, all we've done is worry and stress and plan, then work and worry, and now that everything is situated and things are planned, we need some flip'n FUN. We've been goofing off a lot and remembered how to "play"... but we need to get out of the house more. Making poop jokes while digging out the compost pile for the garden is fine and all, but geeze. Yesterdays fun was burning a stick pile in fine rain, and watching documentaries that made me mad at society. LOL
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    I am originally from Cincinnati, so I hope I can help you with some things to do. Newport on the Levee is always great for weekend activities. They often have free music happening in the spring and summer months, plus there is the comedy club and shopping there. You can have a good time without spending anything really. Eden park, which has the conservatory and playhouse in the park, is really great. I could spend hours there. Fountain square has Rock Bottom microbrewery and lots of shopping nearby, even if a lot of people just window shop. University village is a great area to check out. They have unique shopping and many of the restaurants in the area are cheaper, since they are catering to the local UC students, who are definitely on a budget. And speaking of UC, if you're sports fans, you can always go check out a UC basketball or football game. They are much cheaper and usually more fun than the MLB and NFL games. Heck, there are even a lot of high schools with long-standing rivalries, which makes for good games as well. Findlay Market in Over the Rhine is a really cool place to visit. If you're wanting to get away from the city, there are some family farms just north of Cincy that often have "pick your own" fruits and berries, along with animals and what not to visit. Also a bit away from the city is King's Island, which definitely makes for an awesome day or 2.

    All that being said, if you are looking for something for both of you to really get involved in and feel good about, please consider some kind of volunteer work. There are a lot of issues in Cincinnati, as in most larger cities. If you have boredom time, the best thing you can do is share that time with someone who needs it. Homeless shelters, children's hospitals, and animal shelters are an easy way to start. There are a LOT of opportunities out there.

    It's funny that I never realized how much there was to do in the Nati until I moved to my teeny little town here. Trust me, there is PLENTY. Good luck finding things you like. [​IMG]
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    Go to the livestock auction, throw things off the bridge...[​IMG] Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    What about music concerts? Hiking. Renting a lakehouse. Cooking class, dance class.

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