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There's been a lot of discussion on how important it was that we move to a better / newer system. Few people have a lot of experience with managing a dedicated server, MySQL queries, Queries per second, etc., but I still think the graphs below tell a fun story.

I'm still running the huge server that BYC was on before the move... but now without BYC on it. All that is left on that server is just all the sister sites, my project sites, etc. Well, check this out:

Below are weekly and monthly graphs of my server stats. Don't worry about the actual data titles, just look at the curves and trends. Keep in mind that these graphs represent data during the SLOW season of BYC, so even this data isn't totally accurate of the deluge we'd start to see in a few months:

This graph shows activity to the site for the last week: It is EST, and you can see where BYC went offline at 9:30 EST and flatlined:

MySQL Queries for the month... almost flatlines just as much as above... you can still see some of the activity from the sister sites... cute little bumps aren't they?

A great visual to explain why it was essential that we make this move... Can you imagine what those charts look like during the spring "busy" season with all the new members pouring in and the round-the-clock hatch-a-long threads?
Oh my!
Are there stats somewhere that tell us how many registered users there are on the forums? I forget how many we had gotten up to, and was going to check the bottom of the bbs page, but al that says is how many are there right now?

If you go to the home page and scroll down to the BYC Stats (on the right column) you will see how many registered users there are.
EZ/yuk had how many members at the end? 4000/8000?? And, of those members, how many posted at least once a month? (closing days of 2006). How many UV's a month? (Unique Views)? And then? Kinda like being on the wrong end of the funnel come the flood.

Consider this quote from one of the Co-Founders of Huddler, Dan Gill, " we typically look for product oriented forums with at least 200k+ UV per month."

This might be of interest as well:

In both discussions Dan Gill answers questions about hardware/speeding up page views (kinda) and, in general, seems to be focused on improving the platform.

Hope you and your server get to enjoy the respite, Nifty. :)
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All I see is:


119,222 total

I thought we had more? What were we guessing last year as far as when we'd hit what number? (I can't find those threads. *sigh*)

That's right. The current contest is in our new forum, here. In May 2011 we had a contest to guess when we would hit 90,000, here.

I found this in the Newsletter archives.
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