Funky Eggs?!?

Mommy's Boy2008

11 Years
Apr 4, 2008
Anyone have any knowledge about the nature of funky eggs? We've gotten a very small, wrinkly egg from a one-year old Rhode Island Red that when cracked open had a very tough inner skin and no significant yolk. Normally they lay normal eggs, this has never happened before. Are they dying? Any idea of the cause?
Raise chickens long enough and you'll see all sorts of strange things. The egg factory can have a hiccup and make a weird egg. It is normal. If you continue to get weird eggs then you are most likely looking at a nutritional deficiency in the diet.

You can offer some extra protein in the form of cooked eggs, cooked meat scraps, black oil sunflower seeds, etc - even an occassional handful of dry kitty kibble (not too much because the minerals in catfood are for cats and could upset the normal balance in you chickens -so not a daily thing). Offer good probiotics with plain yogurt. I often treat my chickens to big pots of cooked white rice mixed with yogurt and chopped boiled eggs. My chickens also get my kitchen scraps.

Today my chickens are getting whatever meat cooks off of a deer shank I was given and have in the freezer.
Hi, I was told not to give any meat to chickens,for they might start turning on each other and turn canabolistic. is this true?

Chickens are omnivores and need meat protein. They eat bugs, worms, insects, etc and do eat other things like rats and mice and small snakes. Giving them meat protein is good for them and offers them a way to have a complete long chain acids in their diet. You will see better feathering and better healthy over all chickens from them having meat resources in their diet. Even cooked eggs is excellent for them.
uh oh-I added a partial bag of cat food my cats weren't crazy about to the 2 bags of feed (one is a gamechicken feed with lots of grains and the other was layer ration) and mixed it well. I guess that was a no-no.It was probably 3 pounds of cat food to 100 pounds of chicken feed.I also added 10 pounds of BOSS, oyster shell and pigeon grit as I went.I usually add 50 pound gamebird starter too and a scoop of alfalfa pellets.The feed store was of of gamebird starter and I forget the alfalfa- but I ill get feed again next week to 10 days
* 3# of dry cat to that much feed isn't likely to do damage, I don't think, P. The ratio would wind up being very small per lb.
* 3# of dry cat to that much feed isn't likely to do damage, I don't think, P. The ratio would wind up being very small per lb.. If the chickens start to meow though. . .
Mommy's boy2008,

One of my hens, every month or so, lays an egg with virtually no shell at all - mostly just a thick skinned egg - it's weird looking and comes out of her in the night. Sometimes it breaks when it hits the floor below the roost, but mostly I find it whole, cook it up and return it to her. I figure she needs it.

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