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    I had a hen who appeared to be going I waited a couple days, then got her some fertile hatching eggs.
    The eggs arrived yesterday.......but now she does NOT appear to be broody!!!! (Last week she was always in the nest box, unless I removed the eggs....
    this week, she is out with the others, more than sitting!)
    I marked the fertile eggs, and put them in her favorite nestbox......and I've been removing the unfertile ones.......but, so far, she doesn't seem too interested!
    How long can I let these fertile eggs stay in the nest (to give her the best shot a going fully broody, and hatching them)?
    Is there ANYTHING I can do to encourage an 'almost broody' hen??????
    Would more eggs in the nest help her get the idea again?
    Advice, please?
  2. Create a nest for her in a small enclosed space - small brooder, cardboard box, etc. Pop her in there with the eggs, some water, and some food. She'll be seeing the eggs all the time. If she has any inclination to sit, she should.

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