Funny chicken stories!

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    Aug 17, 2015
    I wanted to hear some funny chicken stories, I will open this with a funny story that one of my hens did to me. I had a bad cold one autumn and I was constantly blowing my nose and carrying around a hand full of tissues wherever I went. I came outside to do my chicken chores and I was having out with the ladies. One of my silver laced wyandotte grabbed a tissue out of my pocket and began to run around the garden with her prize. The rest of the flock began to chase her and try to get the tissue from her. I was laughing and joined in the chase, trying to catch this hen and get my tissue back. I eventually caught her and retrieved my tissue from her beak.
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    [​IMG] They are quite the tricksters, if I don't say so myself! Cute! Love your avatar also!! [​IMG]

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