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  1. WillowTreeLeafs

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    Oct 26, 2013
    Post your funniest chicken moments- I want to hear them!- I may be brave enough to post my most embarrassing ones!
  2. lularat

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Well, my story was scary and funny at the same time. I have a large enclosed run and every time I go to the door, all the girls run up to it. I have never had one escape, but have come close. Late in the day, about a month ago, I went into the run to fill up the feeders. I noticed a few minutes later, there were only 5 girls in the run. I have six. I looked all over the run, under the coop, but still only 5 girls. In panic, I hollered for my husband and son and we started searching our yard, the neighbor's yards, anywhere a chicken might go. After a while, my son called out to me and he had found the missing girl. Well, it never crossed my mind to look in the coop, but there she was, Betty in the nesting box, laying an egg. The other girls lay there eggs in the morning, not at 5:00 in the afternoon, so I didn't check the nesting boxes. At that time, Betty wasn't laying ,so I never thought to look in the nesting box for her. Little stinker scared me to death, but she was looking quite proud of herself.
  3. Diane8

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    Aug 20, 2013
    I have plenty of funny chicken stories but as silly as they are, I have done my fair share of silliness. I was collecting eggs and put a few in my pockets. I put the eggs in the fridge ,took off my coat and put the coat hanging off the table. I usually have odd things like nails, drill bits, peanuts, etc in my pockets but the coat seemed heavy so I patted the pocket and then felt to see what was there. As you probably guessed already it was a beautiful egg that while investigating I broke.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    Heart of Dixie
    I was collecting eggs one day, but I hadn't brought anything to put them I filled my pockets full. Now the nest site chosen by my girls at this time, was up behind a logfall. As I was getting down, I slipped, and....... you guessed it, scrambled eggs in the pockets! Had a huge bruise on my bottom for weeks!
  5. One Chick Two

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    Jun 13, 2013
    One twilight, when we were putting our birds in the henhouse after supervised freeranging and the nightly meal, I did the nightly quick visual sweep of the landscape and heard the sound of soft whining, "mmm, mmmmmm..."

    Outside the run, near some chicken supplies was some new rolls of tightly-wound chicken wire lying on its side (previously standing upright). Walked over to investigate, and realized there were THREE pullets who'd squeezed into the tight wire roll- lying flat, like chicken sausages! Poor girls couldn't move, or back out as their feathers had locked them into place. We had to gently unroll the girls as they whined, which looked funny as they slowly spun loose. No one was hurt, thankfully.

    We figured that they could only have been there since dinner when they must have finished and wandered off. After making sure they had plenty to drink and eat, we loosened all (or future) fencing/ wire rolls in case they decide to explore again. Now, we have a large, loose roll inside the pen, as they seem to like to crawl in the tunnel. Lesson learned! lol
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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Love this! I'll have to put some chicken tunnels in my run for the girls to play with!
  7. drumstick diva

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    Aug 26, 2009
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    cute stories
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    Jun 18, 2014
    Everyday we let our chickens out to free range. And a few nights ago I was going to bed and it hit me......I FORGOT TO PUT THE CHICKENS AWAY! It 1:00 and I grab a flash flight and run outside . Luckily my chickens where still alive and roosting on top of their coop. I put them back in the coop and went inside to go to bed.
  9. Bean789

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    Apr 25, 2014
    Spring Hill, FL
    I am new to chicken keeping but have so much enjoyed the 8 girls we have. They have been such entertainment for the me, my daughter, and my 3 grandchildren. We all live together so all are involved in our new venture in life. I bought my chicks from and all arrived safely and alive. They hatched April 7 this year. In June, we moved out of our home into a hotel for a few days and then 2 temporary vacation rental homes while waiting to close on our new home. What an ordeal that was considering the chicks were in a brooder and then a small portable coop which we moved from place to place with 'make shift' run areas in order to keep them 'out of sight'. They have tolerated us well thus far. LOL I contracted a carpenter to build my 'Taj Mahal' of chicken coops and he quit in the middle of his project due to personal home issues. So.....I bought a used coop which I have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and then thoroughly cleaned and sanitized again. Got them all set up in a much larger chicken coop (took 3 men to move it) than their small portable coop and they now have a secure run area with room to roam until I repair/replace some fencing at the new house to ensure they don't get into the neighbors yard and I find someone to complete the Taj Mahal. I will eventually need both coops because I contracted chicken fever and now have 6 more chicks along with 4 guineas and I will definitely need both coops. That flock is still in their brooder but will need to come out soon.

    My funny story is that I got the original chicks in their new coop with 5 nesting boxes, a 6 X 8 floor space, 4 ft high. Moving them into their new digs was quite the ordeal as they kept running out before we could get the door closed behind each one and we had to chase them (we added the run area after we got them in there). Then, first night in their new coop.....they all literally piled into one corner on top of each other as if that were the only space available to them. The coop is tighter than Fort Knox and nothing is getting in there but it is all open with just the fencing on one side with the door and I think they are intimidated by the lack of totally enclosed space. They have been in there now for a few days and are still in a pile each night so far. They are so funny! I think I will need to add a curtain to make them feel safer. LOL
  10. RonP

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    I moved into a new to me "country home" when my oldest was just shy of 6.

    A good friend decided that every 6 year old needs a pet, and a great learning experience would be hatching and raising chickens.

    So he shows up on my 6 year old's birthday, with an incubator and 2 dozen eggs.

    She diligently turns each egg carefully twice a day for the required time period.

    I candle the eggs at the appropriate time interval, to see if indeed they are fertile.

    I see nothing!!!

    In a panic, I order 2 dozen chicks from a hatchery to arrive the day before the chicks are due to hatch.

    I have a plan...

    I place the chicks in the incubator with the unhatched eggs for warmth that evening.

    My daughter wakes me up the next morning screaming with excitement!

    She wants an explanation as to how we hatched 40 chicks from just 24 eggs [​IMG] [​IMG]
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