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    So one of my (Leghorn) hens won't stay in the run (it's not covered but she's the only one that won't stay in it) so I just let her free range, she stays by the house. She used to lay her egg (every day) in the Silkie pin. Well, it's been about 2 weeks now that she stopped laying in the Silkie pin. She is one of my best layers and I've been really bummed out that she either stopped laying or that I didn't know where she was laying. Well last night, I was looking under my outdoor brooder (which is under the deck) for an extra chick feeder. There are lots of extra cages/boxes/etc under the brooder. It was dark so I had a flashlight. I thought I saw an egg, so I moved the stuff out of the way and do you know what I found?! THIRTEEN white eggs! I couldn't believe it!!! [​IMG] The hen didn't have a name before, so her name is now "Thirteen" [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Cute story....fitting name!
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    she decided to try hatching them(?), so was hiding them from you.....
    do you have a roo?

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