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May 15, 2012
I reckon this is funny/cute to me since Im new at raising chkns but 2 of my girls will get low on the ground and start scratching the dirt/sand kicking it up on themselves. They look like they are taking a sand bath. There wings get so full of sand. Does anyone else's chikns do this? Im sure yours have some not so strange behaviors to those of you who have been doing this for awhile. I just discoverd yesterday due to reading the posts that chkns also "sunbathe" I thought she was sick. (she still could be, she hasnt layed in over a week). The egg laying process is interesting to watch. My Wyandotte gets all big, you know like when you puff your chest out from inhaling. She also sounds like shes panting although its really low. I remember panting to get my baby out too. I reckon its a similar process/ a big head/egg through a tiny hole. Oops sorry, I digress.

Yes, that is what we call it here on BYC, sand bathing. I think sand bathing in the sun is the closest thing to chicken bliss. And it actlually does serve the pursose of bathing - sand absorbs excess oils and helps prevent insect pests.
My girls love a good sand-bath! They have designated spots around the farm - they'll visit all of them in a days' time! I love watching them wallow around and kick it up
...... I have a Blue Copper Marans roo that likes to do it too! - I've read that most roos don't bathe very often, he will! My Ameraucana roo just paces around there and watches...

I attribute having a lice/mite free flock to the frequent dirt bathes. I provide a large rubber container filled with DE in the coop, but only one uses it for a bath.

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