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    May 1, 2011
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    So I began with the intent of only having 3 chickens for eggs, which was hard enough justifying and explaining to my friends and family, but after 1 year i began trying to hatch eggs and I am now up to 11 chickens and I've sold several to get more exotic breeds. However this time i justified the hatching eggs I got as "necessary to rid my broody hens of the broody behavior" But weather was too bad and none hatched. So I was disappointed and had psyched myself up for a new batch of chicks so I bought 2, but that was not enough and by then my family thought I was crazy, who needs 11 chickens? So i bought another one but this time I told them "I just found him in the backyard" best part they believe me. Ha. and now they are creating stories of where he would have come from.
    they tell me maybe she hatched one elsewhere and now you just found him or maybe your neighbor got a chick and changed their mind and tossed him over the fence thinking you wouldn't notice.

    They have never heard of chicken math.
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    That is funny

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    Don't tell them about chicken math...sssssshhhhhhhhhhh [​IMG]

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