Funny story


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5 Years
Mar 21, 2014
A week ago the babies were out in their pen. I coaxed my two adults who free range up to see them as they will all be together but separate soon enough. Moe was right up to the fence trying to get to them. Gracie could care less and just stood there. After a few minutes of Moe being very excited, Gracie walks up behind him and nips him in the butt. Lol he turned and looked at her but went right back to trying to get in. Five minutes later she does it again but harder! Like she's telling him, you are mine. He then turns and walks away.

Couple days later I try this again. I'm following them. As Moe realizes where they're going he keeps turning his head to Gracie as if he's asking for approval, getting none. He thinks better of it and turns the other way!

I adore these guys. I never thought I'd see something like this as Gracie gets sick of Moe mating with her a million times a day. Lol I wish I had a video camera!

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