Fusterated over Chicken Coop!

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  1. Doing alot of research, I noticed chicken coops need 2 parts, the house and the run. I told hubby about it but he just won't listen. He just wants to set up a fenced area with a few nest box spread out along the fence. I wanted done was a simple "Box" coop for the chickens to be put at night and during stormy weathers and for the nest boxes with a run that is a large fenced area.

    Which idea would/should be better?

    a 12x24 fenced area with no hen house just a few nest boxes here and there
    a 12x12 hen house with a 12x24 fenced run?
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    If you just have a fenced off area, your chicks will be at risk to predators of all kinds, not to mention the elements of weather. It probably wouldn't be too long before all your chickens would be dead from both.

    Perhaps you could educate your husband with information from BYC and other knowledgeable places that could help him make a better decision.
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    show him some of the bad things that have happened on here because of not being put away.. that will do it.. get graphic pics if need be
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    Three reasons for a hen house:

    1. Every living creature wants a way to get out of the elements. Rain, snow, hail, hot sun can all take a toll. They will be happier and healthier with a house.

    2. Chickens like to roost, not sleep on the ground. You don't want them trying to live in their nest boxes and laying eggs where they poop. Plus eggs will get rolled out and crushed as everyone tries to cram their way into the boxes.

    3. They will be safer. Having a house is extra protection from preditors that might be able to penetrate the fence (You'd be surprised!).

    Hope that helps! Bring him here to BYC and let the folks here educate him.
  5. Everything you guys have just said is EXACTLY what I told him. Im going to bring him in tonight, if possible. Educate his brains out if you want. He wants simple and cheap. I told him that what more is cheap when I got the woods to build the coop for FREE!
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    Oh, we're all about simple and cheap here! But replacing birds because preditors got them isn't cheap and doctoring sick hens that got too cold and wet isn't simple. Build it right the first time and save yourself money and headaches in the long run. [​IMG]
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    He's a Man, Tell him to stop being STUCK-ON-STUPID....He'll understand that caveman talk.[​IMG]
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    They must have a coop. Silly husband. Sounds like something mine would say just to get out of another of my endless chicken and garden projects! [​IMG]

    Soccer Mom summed it up pretty good.

    Chickens are tasty. And many other critters agree. You have to be able to shut them up at night or you will not have chickens for long at all. He will have wasted his time and effort on the run and nests if there is no coop.

    Just don't enjoy your "I told you so" too much, or he may be too busy pouting to help you build your coop. [​IMG]
  9. I think im going to let him do it his way but behind his back (hopefully [​IMG] ) Im going to build a coop. I still have a few months before the chicks are ready to be let out into the coop. Pregnant or not, I am a "SUPER MOM" and the Chickens are MY PROJECT! There are alot of scrapt lumber laying around the property and I can always get my neighbor or my mother to get materials for me. But he still needs to be educated. Im already drawling out a coop plan. It's that the only way us, wives, can get things done RIGHT? is to do it ourselves? [​IMG]
    Who cares if hubby [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Maybe he will [​IMG]
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    Well, could you build it yourself? I had my dad help me with the first coop but I've done the other three myself. My husband certainly had no interest in it and if I wanted chickens, I had to do it myself. My coops aren't marvels of engineering by any stretch of the imagination, but they keep out the weather and predators. I kept them to a size that made it easy for me to manage by myself, for example, the one I'm working on now is 4'x8', the walls are maybe 3.5' high, the roof is a couple of feet higher than that. I can't quite stand up fully inside and I'm about 5'5". I have the nest box area accessible from the outside. I'm still figuring out the entrance (theirs and mine) - that's the last bit left to do.

    I think there's a thread about various BYC ladies building their own coops, try searching for it and getting a few ideas.

    If the husband isn't interested or just doesn't give a rat's patoot, it's not likely he'll turn around (sorry, speaking from personal experience here).

    Good luck with things, please let us know how it goes. [​IMG]

    eta: Oops, a few more messages popped up while I was typing. Didn't realize you were expecting. Hrm, that changes things bit. Is there anyone else around that could help out?
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