Future chicken farmer!


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
I just wanted to share with everyone! I don't have chickens right now (getting the coop started next month) but for all my married life I have had my kitchen decorated with hens, roosters and chicks. I have plates on the wall that are hand painted and for about two weeks my 8 month old grandson has been pointing at the plates and I have been 'crowing' and saying 'chicken', when he points at the hen pictures I do my little " I layed an egg' bawk. He thinks it is so funny and laughs a big loud laugh.. We started our rounds of the pointing and grunting and granny making noises...He laughed as usally and the when I started to put him in his highchair he pointed at the rooster plate and he "CROWED"! I had to call his Papa and show him BUT then when his mamma and daddy came of course he won't say a thing just grut and point. Oh well papa heard him! Thanks for letting me share. Dixie --Can you tell this is our first grandbaby???

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