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8 Years
May 9, 2011
i saw some pix of a specific breed of game chicken and it seems like love at first site. I have always loved dinosaurs and it was like gazing into the Cretaceous. Malay ckickens. I have googled them a lot but all I have learned is that: they are hard feathered, not cold tolerant, get along well with their humans, aggressive towards othe chickens, and that scumbags have used them in "gaming sports", which I find despicable. I like their statuesque bearing, their hard stare, and their colourful featherages. I'd like to find out more about their care, requirements in housing and food, rooster-to-hen needs, broody or not, that kind of thing. I have plenty of time while I recover from hip surgery to look into this. Thanks for any help or advice. And I am interested in getting hatching eggs from a BYCer if possible. Quetz
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undefined:rolleyes: WHAT!?! Say it ain't so, boss. The Be All and End All of homegrown poultry wisdom and nobody knows about The Malay Game Chicken? Or are they a secretive lot, you know, the Elephant in the Room Principle? I've no interest in that filth except its eradication. Since it's possible I am the only one interested in these little cuties I will research them and post everything I can find out. quetsweyo
If its info you seek then Id post in the breed showing and genetics forum. Ive never seen a malay but the only one off hand that I can think of that may have them would be shamoman. He has a website also
I happened to be looking at shamans website the other day as I recently purchased a trio of shamos. I believe he does have Malays and a great assortment of other game birds, you should definitely check him out

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