Gallimycin 100 Injectable - Dose?

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    Jan 6, 2013
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    Does anyone know the dose for this?

    I don't know what is going on with my chicken. She's been sick now for several months and I've tried everything. This is my last try. Have it on order.

    She eats, drinks and acts fine except she's had a bad respiratory issue going on and I can't get it cleared up. Her sinuses are swollen.

    I thought it was coryza but no other chickens are sick. I've had her inside and outside both. She's currently out during the beautiful weather to get her sun and sleeping in the house just to be sure she stays warm

    The goo coming out of her nose and eyes is smelly and goldish color. Her eyes bubble and gunk up so bad that her entire eye can be covered. It's sticky too.

    I think her mouth looks ok.

    Tried Tylan 50, Sulfamed liquid in her water, Baytril (not sure what the strength was), and currently trying LA-200 - gave her an injection of .4ml and she will get another tonight or tomorrow. Should do tonight - day 3. it "might" be helping but it's almost hard to say.

    So I ordered the gallimycin because it's said to treat coryza.

    Not culling at this point.

    I've read up on CRD, MS and nothing seems to fit. She breathes through her mouth and her eyes/nose have discharge. Otherwise, she's ok.

    however, I'm not sure how she is seeing. I throw scratch and she hears it and gets excited but doesn't seem to be able to find it.

    She eats out of her bowl in the house and drinks from her waterer. Kind of strange. Maybe she just can't see as well as she should with the swollen sinuses. I clean her up at least 2x a day. Poor girl, she's been through too much cleaning and too many shots!

    She's a 2# silkie.

    thanks for any advice.

    I did message Peter Brown and he thought it might be canker but I don't think so per pics I've looked at, it's not the same at all.
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    The dosage of Gallimycin that I have read about is the powder for the water, and that is 1/2 gram per gallon of water for 7 days. It sounds very much like coryza. Chickens can have more than one disease at a time with secondary infections, and respiratory diseases can enter the air sacs causing air sacculitis, which is very hard to treat. E.coli is one of the hardest to treat, and is common in air sacculitis. I would cull rather than spread the disease to other birds. Sulfa plus Tylan is usually good for coryza. If she didn't respond to those or Baytril, I doubt the erythromcyin will help. You can get a necropsy to discover what was wrong if she dies. Was she vaccinated for Mareks? The unvaccinated birds who have been exposed tend to have very low immunity. Here are some links about necropsy and gallimycin (emycin):
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    Jan 6, 2013
    Indian Lake, Ohio
    All of my birds are vaccinated for Mareks because I've had it. I buy birds who are older so they have a better chance, so far, so good with that.

    I ordered the injectable because I thought it would work faster. She didn't look quite so bad tonight (meaning her eyes weren't totally covered up) - I gave her another dose of LA-200. Hoping it helps.

    I have the worst luck with my chickens. I'm in ohio too!

    I know in fish the different drugs can treat gram negative or gram positive, so I thought maybe the gallimycin would be for a different one that I've tried.

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