Game bird feed?

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    Sep 27, 2009
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    I had my layer birds on 16% Layer pellets and had some feather plucking issues on my Cresteds. I started them on 1/2 layer pellets and 1/2 game bird starter/breeder to add protein and that has slowly stopped. The game bird feed is 28% protein. I have found lots of folks who just feed their entire flock the game bird feed and give oyster shell free choice.

    Is there any danger in feeding the game birds feed to al of my birds, from hatch through layers? It would be SO much more simple to have one type of feed than the 4 was using previously! Yes, it is more expensive than layer feed, but if it's going to easier and the birds will be healthier, that's fine with me. It would also make it easier this winter when supplementing my free range chickens, turkeys & guineas.
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    Loads of protein tends to be a bad deal in chickens. If you fed it & free ranged (using the feed to supplement the ranging), it probably would be okay. That amount of protein in baby chicks would give you growth issues & runny poo (pasty butt).
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    Your problem is you have light breeds mixed with heavy breeds. See if you can get yourself down to the 20% range on the protien and you will be fine. The light breeds do not need that real high protien. That high should only be fed during and right after moult then stopped. Check your yellow pages for all the local feed store and feed mills. Call around see who caries a lower good protien feed. I was lucky in I found a 20% layer at a local feed dealer that makes their own feed and it is cheaper than Purina and all the other local stores. Again I called around to find out prices and protien amounts.

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