Game Bird Netting...Anyone use on a large outside run overhead?


10 Years
Jan 31, 2009
Finger Lakes Region, NY
I've a smart hawk after my little flock and after keeping them in their enclosed run that's about 15 x 15 for three days I just had to let them out to forage. They hate being shut up on that run for days.

I'd like to put game bird netting over my back yard area but it's a big area... forty feet by about forty feet.

I'd need netting that could support snow and ice load and I want to prop it up with metal or wood supports so I can walk underneath it in places. $$$

Does anyone have game-bird netting around their large runs and where did you get it?

I've regular deer netting over the small run area. Fine for keeping out hawks but it won't hold up to snow load.


This is what I have. I worry about it holding up to your snow. We don't get any around here. Its braced with brace wire (fencing). Also it has a peaked roof by using the wood post. In the pic the net is hard to see. At a distance you can't even see the net. I like that.
That's the idea! Although with my building skills it will look a lot more "home made"!

We get a LOT of snow and ice here so I'm pricing the game netting accordingly. Wow. $$
I net was bought on EBAY. Its nylon multi filament, uv resistance 2 inch square mesh. It comes in alot of sizes. I googled images of bird netting.

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