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Jan 22, 2010
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This morning when we checked on our Gypsy chicks in their brooder they were fine. We went out and brought home some chicks from a feed store, didn't really check on the gypsies, I think he was fine but not sure. The new chicks were placed in a brooder next to the gypsy brooder. Today when feeding the birds, the wife saw him laying down and though nothing of it. He was laying down like they normally do now and then. A little while later I checked on all the bids and he was sprawled out with his legs off to one side. I thought he might have been dead but he started moving. I picked him up and set him in another brooder and noticed that his left leg wasn't holding him up. It wasn't paralyzed, just weak. Could this be a sign of mareks? I left him in that brooder and took both his new brooder and the 2 pullets that were with him in their brooder to a different room to be safe as we have 4 brooders up.

He is about one month old.
His "weak leg" looks slightly different, a little more pink in color at the knee join, where the right leg is more of a darker color.

I was contemplating on culling him, but I really don't want to if I don't have to.

Right now he has been separated from everyone else. He is in his own brooder with a lamp, water and food. He did peck at the food, but has trouble getting to both.... He is laying on his side with his feet kicked out.
Pictures added.



If he's not acting any better by tomorrow night, we're probably going to cull him. And if the pullets start acting strange I might just cull them right off the bat if this is bad.
I checked on him at 12:30am and 4:30am.

4:30am he was standing up! I was so surprised, he was active all night because of the heat lamp we put on him.

This morning he was on the edge of the rubbermaid tub! So I am guessing he is doing OK for now.

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