Larry Rose

Mar 9, 2018
For those of you that have lost Birds due to Predators, and have no idea what killed your birds, I suggest a Game Cam. I bought two of them for a total cost of $45.00 at a Flea Market. They work well. You may also use this camera at the front door when you are expecting a package, in case it is stolen. They have multiple uses around your property. And easily movable. There is no other way to find out what or who is roaming your property at night. So first, Game Cam. Second, repair whatever needs to prevent this from happening again. Then, and only then, replace your Birds. I also have an electric fence around the base of my fence. You can too, even in the City if you don't make the mistake of telling anybody. Keep a low profile fence, (And attitude) 6'' off the ground and at the top. Paint the yellow insulators black so they are not obvious! Best of luck everyone.


Apr 6, 2017
B C Canada
I just started using game cam love it , Very large Raccoon was checking the place out in the snow, now back to green grass can not see foot prints, So foggie last night cam never took any picture . Will post when I get some thing or some one LOL

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