Gamefowl hatching eggs

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    May 21, 2013
    S. louisiana
    Gamefowl hatching eggs soon
    Billy ruble hatch, Lloyd miner blue, c c Kelso over col givens hatch, red Kelso over white Kelso, Murphy whitehackle over col. Givens hatch over billy ruble hatch. Only to experienced gamefowl keepers please Thankyou pm for prices
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  2. longspurs60

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    Feb 25, 2015
    Good Evening -

    I was wanting to get your address if possible and/or a phone#.
    I have interest in getting some of your LMB hatching eggs or chicks/young birds, etc. if and when they are available.

    I'm a game bird fancier; not a cocker but I grew up personally knowing Gamefowl greats like Johnny Mitchell and Bill Bumgardner as a boy in TN as my family coon hunted and both Bill and Johnny were coon hunters too.

    Would welcome an opportunity to speak with you or get details by email. Gamefowl are the most beautiful birds in the world and I believe strongly in keeping the lines pure for future generations.

    Thank You -

    Tim Hoilman
    Bridgewater, VA

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