Gander fight with injuries to goose and ganders!!


10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Church Hill, TN
I don't know how they did it but Kasper and Karessa got into Peter's pen! Can you say Gander fight?? It took me all of maybe 4 minutes to get down to the goose pens and it was sheer pandemonium. I can't figure out how they got into Peter's pen. There's no breaks in the fencing that I can see and they didn't fly!

And of course guess what happened when I went into the pen to break it up?? I got attacked by Peter, my baby! I'm covered in bruises from him!

I have 2 injured ganders and an injured goose. Karessa's is mating injuries. Her injuries are on the back of her neck. Peter and Kasper both had ahold of the back of her neck, pulling her feathers out. The skin is severely scraped (like a skinned knee) from their beaks. Is there anything I can put on her neck?? Neosporin maybe to prevent infection??

Here's Kasper's beak.



I have Kasper in the main house. Hubby has Peter in the Parrot House. Karessa is in her pen and I'll go bring her in, in a moment. I just cleaned up Kasper's beak. He and Karessa are so skittish because they were raised on a farm where they were part of a large flock. They had no human contact at all so they're not the least bit tame.

Another fun day on the farm!

dealing with the same thing here, luckily I got everybody seperated before it got that bad but now I have two very unhappy boys 'cause they cant get to the girls. but I didnt want to deal with any injuries so.... good luck hope every body heals well.
No body ever seems to believe me when I report that my gander learned how to climb over welded fence to go visit his ladies when he was in the mood! he would grab a wire with his bill, take steps with his feet like it was a ladder then shift his bill and climb he could go over a 4 foot fencein less time than it takes me to describe the action!
I believe you, my white African goose take a step while flapping her wings and POOF..she is out of the pen .

TT, sorry to hear that, hope they have a speedy recovery.
Well I believe you now because that's exactly how they got over. Time to move the pen's away from one another. If I hadn't seen it this morning, I wouldn't have believed it. Kasper was chasing Karessa down to mate with her, she climbed the fence, over into Peter's side and Kasper climbed the fence after her.

It took all of maybe 15 seconds for both of them to be over the wired welded fence between the two pens.

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