Gapeworm? Need help!

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    Nov 15, 2015
    I think my 5 month old Wellsummer has gape worms. She will open her mouth 5-7 times as if she is gasping for air or trying to crow but nothing comes out. Will I need to take her to the vet? If you know how to cure gape worms then please tell me! Should I keep her away from the rest of the flock? Need help ASAP! [​IMG]
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    I honestly doubt it's gape worms. I did the same thing and it turns out at that age they are growing a lot and their crops need a lot of adjusting. If she has gape worms you will hear drastic gasping for air and you should be able to see the worm in her throat. I would say don't panic. Is she still eating drinking and energetic? If she is laying down and extremely lethargic then you should worry but most likely she's just adjusting her crop during her awkward stage. I could be wrong but I spent a fortune at my vet just for him to tell me it's basically chicken growing pains.
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    Chickens have growing pains [​IMG] didnt know that lmao. Oh and i agree look in her throat with a flash light you should be able to see a gape worm. Oh and yes if she has it i would seperate her but it possible the others already have them as well not sure how those worms exactly spread but i know most lay eggs then the chicken poops egg out and others eat said egg and get worms. Its why alot of people cull the birds prone to getting worms because they can infect the whole flock. Other deworm. Feel her crop in the morning before she eats and see if its empty as well. If not then her crop need to be taken care of. If her breath smells sour the its sour crop if not its probably impacted and needs to beassaged and her taken off food and give extra fluids to help it pass.
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    One might be able to see the worms if they are at the entrance to the trachea, but if they're further down, probably not. I had one hen with them and they could not be seen.

    Here is a picture that shows the opening to the trachea. The opening in this peacock is about 1/3", a chicken's will be smaller.


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