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    OK, I was just out in the coop and noticed one of my Speckled Sussex hens doing the CLASSIC gapeworm "silent crow" that I have seen described. I've seen a couple of recommendations for some specific wormers, but someone also mentioned that Sulmet might work.

    Recommendations, anyone? They haven't started laying yet.

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    How to treat gapeworm in a chicken? -


    Flubendazole in feed, (levamisole. I think this medication is off the market in some areas
    but Flubendazole is gotten at the vets

    also read this carefully as if they have gapewroms you can see them in the throat

    they are red and both the male and female make up the worm
    they are shaped like a Y and stick in the chickens throat area

    Extracted From:

    A Pocket Guide to
    Poultry Health

    By Paul McMullin
    [​IMG] 2004
    Click Here to
    Order Your Copy
    Syngamus trachea, a nematode worm parasite of chickens, turkeys, pheasants, and other game and ornamental birds occurring worldwide. Infection is by the oral route with earthworms, slugs and snails acting as transfer hosts but the life cycle may also be direct, by ingestion of embryonated egg or L3. There is an 18-20 day prepatent period. The condition is seen more commonly in poultry on free range where ground may be contaminated by wild birds e.g. from rookeries.


    Head shaking.
    Loss of appetite and condition.
    Post-mortem lesions

    Presence of worms, paired parasites up to 2 cm long.
    Signs and lesions, confirmation of presence of the parasite.

    Flubendazole in feed, levamisole.


    this site explains the gape worm

    Poultry culture sanitation and hygiene - Google Books Result by Benjamin Franklyn Kaupp - 1920 - Poultry - 573 pages
    GAPE-WORM This is a worm which, when it gains a foothold, may prove a scourge to the chick industry. This worm is commonly known as the gape-worm, ...



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    Gapeworms in the trachea of a Ringnecked Pheasant
    Scientific classification
    Binomial name
    Syngamus trachea
    Montagu, 1811
    A gapeworm (Syngamus trachea) is a parasitic nematode worm infecting the tracheas of certain birds. The resulting disease, known as gape or the gapes, occurs when the worms clog and obstruct the airway. The worms are also known as red worms or forked worms due to their red color and the permanent procreative conjunction of males and females. Gapeworm is common in young, domesticated chickens and turkeys.

    When the female gapeworm lays her eggs in the trachea of an infected bird, the eggs are coughed up, swallowed, then defecated. When birds consume the eggs found in the feces or an intermediate host such as earthworms, snails (Planorbarius corneus, Bithynia tentaculata, …), or slugs, they become infected with the parasite.

    Ivermectin is a drug often used to control gapeworm infection in birds.


    Worm parasites in poultry (Queensland Primary Industries and ... Dec 3, 2008 ... Worm parasites may be found in the chicken's digestive system. ... Birds or flocks infected with gapeworm should be destroyed or isolated ... - 46k

    Treatment Medicines for ridding fowls of hairworms, tapeworms, roundworms and caecal worms can be bought from veterinarians or other suppliers. Carefully follow the maker's directions.

    There are no effective treatments for gizzard worms or gapeworms.

    Treatment for eyeworm can only be done by a veterinarian as the worm is removed under local anaesthetic.

    Control You can protect your flock from serious worm infestation by:

    feeding a well-balanced diet
    preventing feed and water fouling
    keeping your birds off fouled or damp ground or litter (worm eggs survive for long periods in damp, shaded areas)
    cleaning and disinfecting your poultry house regularly and thoroughly (particularly before you bring in a new batch of chickens)
    keeping chickens and adult birds separate
    raising chickens on wire mesh to reduce contact with worm eggs in droppings and with insects or other animals carrying parasites.
    Carriers of worm parasites include:

    earthworms - hairworm carriers
    grasshoppers, weevils and beetles - gizzard worm carriers
    slugs, snails, flies, ants and beetles - tapeworm carriers
    cockroaches - eyeworm carriers.
    Control these pests when necessary but be careful to only use pesticides registered for the purpose; read and follow the label instructions including withholding periods.

    Regular treatment may be required for birds housed in heavily contaminated environments.

    Birds or flocks infected with gapeworm should be destroyed or isolated from other birds to prevent contaminating the poultry house.

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    Jun 10, 2013
    Hello. I had a question for you. I have been reading up on Gapeworm and believe my Rooster died because of this sickness. He had the familiar symptoms. I wanted to know if my other chickens are in danger of getting the same thing by sharing their perch together, water and food? Should I clean clean out the Coop? Saw one of my chickens around the poo my rooster had been and even saw her cleaning his chest feathers! What should I do? Please help if you can. Thanks. ")
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    hello im dan buss and my game birds have gape worm i have used a blow torch propane in my pen's to cook the egg's off and used worm enda from australia. it will kill the gape worm but what else can i put into the soil to kill egg's of gape's worm. mybe amonia would that kill off worm's and egg's? i think it should. im also useing oxine/ha and the citres cristels to activate it ? im always looking for a cure . dan buss
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    Apr 7, 2013
    yes gape worms are birds where infected bye gape worms x4. so I finaly got it wright I found some swine wormer with 1.8% fenabendazole plus tiger tourching my pens. that killed the egg's and the worms off stone dead. I went to entirely and type in the search bar swine wormer. it's in a 10 lb pale. mix grain and turkey feed in a cake pan put vegtable oil and put in two scoops of powder. mix it up so it all sticks together. and feed them for 7 to 8 days them birds will start doing back flips and that will stop picking as it did for my birds.
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    Fenbendazole also comes in 10% liquid and 10% paste and is available at most feed stores. Just look for Safeguard or Panacur in the horse, cattle and horse sections of your feedstore.






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    Apr 7, 2013
    yes I know but I have 100 birds and in the powder form is easyer to put in there feed. but to get it up here in Canada where it does not list it for game bird wormer the swine wormer is what it's suppose to ive gotten around the bs
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    Jun 10, 2013
    My hen is not her usual self. She can't stand or walk very much. When I call her her head raises slow up an down. I don't even think she eats or drinks much either. Is she going to die?
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    I would say yes because it sounds like she's in the late stage of the gape worm as she can not breath is why she can not do much .but it you pick her up and you'll be able to hear the gurgling in her wind pipe.and that will tell ya is gape worm.ive used is other stuff it's liquid form I have to us a serring with with avitrol plus bird wormer in it mostly avitol in it and then suck up some water to cut it a bitt and injeckte it in to her crop through her throut that's the only thing that I do that will save her as the avitrol will paralyze the worms I give it to them morning and night as they do not eat that's the only way to save her that I know. after 2 to day 3 she should start eating again and at that point I give my birds the wormer and I use a swine wormer powder form you can do a search on the web swine wormer with fenabendazole in it it's a one gallon pale and this stuff is greatit kill's the gape worm and the egg's it take's 6 day's to complete. later dan
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    This is a very old thread, you will generally get more responses if you start a new thread of your own.

    There is no way for us to know what is wrong with your chicken or whether she will die without a lot more info. including the following: how old is she, has she been laying eggs regularly, has she lost weight, how long has this been going on, is she on a regular deworming program, have you checked for lice/mites, what is she being fed... anything and everything you can tell us will be helpful.
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