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Jul 20, 2011
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I just came home and saw one of my pullets was a little... bloody. I have my cockerel quarantined primarily because he was eating eggs. I have picked her up and I took the pictures below; I also put her in a 4'x4'x3' box to protect her from the other pullets to allow her to heal.

She's been the best layer and I noticed a few times when she was laying that the other pullets would walk on her and what not. I'm asking for help here. What can I use for medication, or should I let it go. Do I need to bandage it? Should I feed her anything special? I've noticed over the past few days her back feathers were getting picked on too.

Thanks :)
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Dec 22, 2011
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I would rinse the wound out thoroughly with sterile saline (you can get it at walmart or such, use eye wash if nothing else), That should flush out any dirt, bits of feathers, etc. Allow it to dry completely then spray with Blu Kote (Tractor Supply Co.), or if you can't get that then use Neosporin (without painkiller). Keep her separated from the others til it's on it's way to being healed up. It should heal up fairly quickly if she doesn't peck at it (Blu Kote will really help in that dept).

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