1. Markp1964

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    Sep 4, 2007
    It has been close to four years since I first considered getting chickens. I have not done because of many of factors, some of the biggest being that I never thought I could get a coop and run built that would be small enough to fit the yard, escape the neighbor's notice and still be good for chickens.
    I always leaned to a smallish coop that looked like a dog house or rabbit hutch-Eglu proportions but made at home out of cost effective wood. I also feared the usual noise of even a tiny flock of 3 birds would be too much.

    Then I had a brain storm-what if the coop wasn't outside? My garage faces the backyard. I have an over head storage unit in one corner that has an open space of 8'X4'X4' beneath it. That is the place the mower and wheel barrow get parked now-why not enclose it and that would be the coop area-the place for food, water, roosting and laying. A pop hole in the wall would give access to freash air and sunshine. I can do a 4'x6' run, with free ranging when possible.

    I can see some advantages to this arrangement-more space per bird, better temperature control in winter ( no frozen water, or going out in the freezing cold to feed birds or collect eggs). A deep litter system would give great compost.

    I'd be interested in more experienced hen keepers thoughts and suggestions. How solid would and indoor coop area need to be? Any draw backs I may not be thinking of?
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  2. debid

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    Jan 20, 2011
    middle TN
    My folks partitioned part of a shed for their coop. The good news is that the materials to enclose it were cheap -- in this case, you CAN use poultry wire for walls. The bad news is that it's very difficult to contain the mess with such an arrangement. The dust and feathers make their way all over the shed. The smell, while not unpleasant, is noticeable throughout the shed. So, you wouldn't want to store anything in there that you'd hate to have smell like a chicken house... like a car with the windows down.
  3. aubreynoramarie

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    May 27, 2010
    Reno, Nevada
    we built ours into a closet in our mudroom. It makes people cringe how small it is but my girls love it and its worked out wonderfully for us and them. I say go for it! youll be happy when you dont have to put shoes or a coat on to collect eggs [​IMG]

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    Quote:Sounds like you have a plan.... [​IMG] waiting for pictures.... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. perchie.girl

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    Quote:OMG how ... Bleeping adorable is that... [​IMG]

    I take it they have a place to go during the day... [​IMG]
  6. farmer_lew

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    Jun 29, 2010
    In the hills
    The wife and I are considering doing the same thing in our garage! We are going to section off a section of the garage for a coop. It's going to be a while before we get to ours, so post pics of yours during construction, and when done, so we can get some ideas [​IMG]
  7. elmo

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    May 23, 2009
    Do you use your garage for your car? In other words, do you drive in and out of the garage? You have to be concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning from the engine exhaust. Birds have very efficient respiratory systems and can succumb to toxins in the air much more quickly than you would imagine. Think "canary in the coal mine."

    Aside from the car exhaust, you would need to think about how your "coop within the garage" would be adequately ventilated for chickens.
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    Jan 29, 2011
    Goldendale, WA
    Quote:I love, love, love this!

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