Garage too hot? Fluctuates too much?

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8 Years
May 6, 2011
So my days olds are coming tomorrow and I'm so nervous. I'm going to have the brooder in my walk in closet for the weekend as we are having a family party and I want them in a quiet, stress free place their first few days.

So I had planned on putting the brooder in the garage next week, but noticed that it gets pretty hot in there during the day, but cool at night. How do you compensate for it being too hot? Just a bad idea using the garage at this point?

I am so nervous!!! Not only are the four little chicks depending on me not to screw up and kill them, but my 6 year old and 2 year old would be crushed.

Need some hand holding.
Where do you live? How hot is it getting? I would put a thermometer in the brooder and if you have a large enough brooder put the light on one side that way if they are too hot the have space to move where there is less heat. Keep an eye on them and watch for panting on the outer edges and if that is so raise the heat lamp up higher or if it getting above 95 turn it off during the day. Hope this helps

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