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    Mar 11, 2015
    I get expired produce from the local supermarket. Normally 6-12 boxes a week. This can include everything from potatoes to oranges to bananas. I cut and chop it up with a knife and give it to my ducks/chickens in 5 quart buckets. The birds love it but often they'll only peck at some of the stuff. Oranges and potatoes typically are left to rot. That has been standard and okay since they'll scratch at it and eventually it'll turn to compost I can throw into the garden.

    A couple of days ago I was swapping out a garbage disposal for a customer. Their old one worked but it was old and somewhat loud. They wanted to upgrade to a larger, more powerful unit. They let me have the old 1/3 HP disposal which is still in working order.

    I also have a slop sink I use for washing, water and butchering in the coop. I was thinking of installing the disposal on the slop sink. Throwing a 5 quart bucket under the disposal drain to catch the ground up produce and giving it to the birds. The tougher stuff like the oranges which unless really chopped up they won't really touch.

    Anyone else try something like this and do you think it will work? Years ago my father would grind up produce in a food processor. About every six moths the motor would burn out and he'd have to replace it though. The food, even the potatoes would be ground up and the birds would gulp it down. So less of the produce would be left to rot, less mess.
    Figured that even if the used garbage disposal fried out in a few months it would be worth a try. If it did work out well I could get a newer model with an extended warranty which would help pay for itself with the dent it put in the feed bill.
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