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  1. So... In a nut shell, My tortoises are in there barn and not in there pasture. So the grass is having time to GROW...

    I wanted to plant corn for them, corn with a barrakade so they dont eat it, but I can pick it for them, provided I get the corn to grow out of the ground. I have LOTS of Yellow Standard corn, but I wanted to know if a Corn on the Cob I have is any good...

    1.5 years ago I took a Genetics Class, My professor gave me an ear of corn that looked just like this..


    It has 4 types of corn.
    Purple Wrinkled
    Purple Smooth
    Yellow Wrinkled
    Yellow Smooth.

    The cob has been in my possesion for over a year, and I wanted to see if you guys thing they are still alive and will grow... Ideas?

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    I would give it a try. Take a few pieces off and try to germinate them. I would do at least four or six of each type I wanted to grow to how it does.
  3. Well, online it said anywhere from 4 to 8 days for the corn to germinate.. is that right?
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    You can always just take some and put them in a plastic baggie on top of a sheet of moist towel in a warm place like on top of a fridge or on top of your computer. If they sprout, you can tell easily and you can still put them in the soil. Figure you'll see something happening in just a few days for fresh seeds, and potentially over a week on old seed. However, if that cob was "fresh" two years ago, I bet they are still viable.

  5. So I went to the nursery to ask the owner about planting seeds, I asked what I seeds I can plant today so I can get crops... He said to plant Watermelon, Romain Lettuce, Squash and Corn... He also Said that the seeds I have on the colored corn should still be good and to give them a shot. So I Planted them all, corn, watermelon, romain, and squash. Lets see what Grows,
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    What are the daytime and nighttime temperatures in your area right now?
  7. Right now, the temps are:

    Night, 45 to 50 degrees
    Day, 65 to 75 degrees

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    Nice, that's like or mid summer day's and nights! I usually plant seeds for corn when night time soil temp is almost 50.
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    that corn will grow - I've had ears of dried corn hanging in my house that grew after 2 years.

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    Lucky you! That's almost tomato weather! [​IMG]

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