Garder Snake in the Coop

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by JerryO, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. JerryO

    JerryO In the Brooder

    Apr 15, 2008
    Ocala, Florida
    This morning I found a 2 inch garder snake passing through the coop, are they harmful to the chickens?
  2. horsejody

    horsejody Squeaky Wheel

    Feb 11, 2008
    Waterloo, Nebraska
    No, I don't think so. They're just creepy. The chickens will eat the little ones.
  3. BackSwampGirl

    BackSwampGirl Songster

    Feb 17, 2008
    Richlands,NC 28574
    [​IMG] I hate for you to think I am dumb.But what color was this one?,Thanks so much,Sandra
  4. priszilla

    priszilla Songster

    Jan 12, 2008
    easley sc
    a littel garter snake will eat pinky mice and snails-- nothing more- how cute!
    I saw a small king snake today on the walkway- maybe 6 inches long and thinner than my pinky.He can stay. I hope I see him again. He was really cute.THe one that was over 5 foot- had to move- he was a danger- and any poisonous ones-- well they might have to go to snake heaven.
  5. JerryO

    JerryO In the Brooder

    Apr 15, 2008
    Ocala, Florida
    Quote:It was black with a yellow stripe on both sides of it, I did a quick google and found out it was a garder snake...just to be sure. We have a coral that lives under our air conditioner and I know they can be deadly, but it doesn't bother us and we leave it alone. Since it moved in we haven't had any mice, rats or rattle snakes around. A zoologist from Silver Springs told me they eat those things, but will leave chickens alone, because chickens can kill them quicker than they can move.
  6. Ese_N_Gracie

    Ese_N_Gracie Songster

    Feb 22, 2008
    Thousand Oaks, CA
    Theres a youtube posting of a chicken eating a snake....pretty amazing...they really are pigs with wings [​IMG] I've heard they'll eat mice too....I have bantams so improbable for either....besides one day Ese got very freaked out over a mouse in our garden....He may be a big man....but he is still a lil baby at times

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