Gas brooder


May 13, 2019
Liverpool, UK
Hey all! Next year when I rear my chicks it will be off grid with no electricity! What’s everybody’s opinion on a gas brooder? Are the safe? I’ve done with electric before just not gas. Any replies much appreciated thanks


Dec 21, 2018
Cochise county Arizona
all the commercial broiler houses use infrared gas brooders. it is way to expensive for them to use electricity. As such they have a proven track record. Things to consider, you need a clean burning flame, a steady oxygen source or ventilation and you need to be very mindful of Co and Co2 build up. Personally, as my main farm is off grid, I hatch and brood at the house, where I do have electricity and move the chicks to the farm around 3 to 4 weeks of age, depends on how feathered they are, before moving them to the farm.

Also, it has been done in times past and I also do so and am doing so this time of year, integrating my chicks with Cornish cross in the brooder, so at three to four weeks when the Cornish no longer want the heaters, as they are now little heaters in their own right, those little heaters keep the rest toasty warm. it's quite funny to watch them hunt out a grouping of the meat chicks and climb up on top of them and settle down to get warm when they get chilled.
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