Gasping 8 week old seabright rooster


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Please help! My 8 week old Seabright roosters is sitting, and gasping constantly. He can't really walk. He has lots of water and food. I'm new to raising chicks and I have know idea what's wrong. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I've uploaded a video at this link:

my one hen was doing that yesterday!! She drank some water and seemed alright. I though maybe she had something stuck in her throught.

keep us posted!
that is what my little hen was doing she started out like that in the morning by night she was really bad off
i think that she had a respiratory infection
i gave my girl antibiotics but it didnt help her
good luck
I was just reading about fungal respiratory infections on another site. This is what it said:
Noticeable symptoms include gaping (stretching their neck forward and opening their mouth), coughing, sneezing, sniffling, 'chirping', and gasping for air. Sometimes a bird with no noticeable symptoms can be held to your ear to hear crackling, rattling, and gurgling from inside their lungs when they breathe.


I don't know that this IS what is wrong with yours, but maybe a starting point to rule it out???​
sugar hows the bird
if your in my area in socal i have lots of meds for respiratory infection
let me know
thanks for the concern. he's a fighter! my boyfriend picked up some antibiotics from the feed store and the rooster seems to be improving, a big improvement from yesterday to today. Thanks so much for all the help. And thanks so much for the offer Crystalchic, but I am a ways away in Victoria, BC Canada.

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