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Nov 24, 2016
Hello everyone,

I have a new flock of ducks and geese, now 5 weeks old. We just moved them to their outside pen, which is quite large. We need to lock them up at night in their houses for safety, but they don't seem at all interested in their houses any time of day (nice weather). Each night so far has been rather chaotic trying to round them up and get them into their houses. What is the best way to get them to go in for the night, without chasing them all over, having to catch them, and causing them distress? They are used to us, and the geese are especially friendly, but they still do not like to be "put away." How can we make this a less stressful process for us all? Will they ever get used to going in at night? Thanks so much for your advice!

-- Tracey in Idaho


Feb 3, 2017
When I started letting the little ones outside they would come to my door when it got dark and I would open the door and they would walk right over to their boxes. If yours will still come in to be put away, after you have them inside their containers take them to their new home...much easier than chasing them for 30 minutes. It took about a week before mine decided they no longer liked my house and went to theirs. Still having an issue with the geese though. LOL

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Aug 31, 2016
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I remember this time :p They sure get crazy at this age :confused:
I herd them in, by walking behind them and stretching my arms out. It takes practice to get them all where you want, but you will get there. All you have to remember is stay calm and dont run. If you run, they scatter. Just walk calmly and they should bunch up and move away from you. A chute or funnel to the door of the house helps, as do several people ;) After a while, you get better at herding, they know where to go (remember, this new pen and stuff is still scary!) and everyone will settle down. Hang in there ;)

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