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  1. wormy270

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    Jun 8, 2009
    My girls should be laying before to long. I want to know the best way to care for the eggs to keep them fresh. When you gather the eggs daily you should not wash them, right? Just scratch off any poo? Do you immediatly put them in the fridge or what? Thanks
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    My girls lay at all different times. I bring an epmty carton down every morning and by 5 pm ( which is usually when they get done laying) I put all eggs in that carton-have yet to fill a whole dozen-to be honest I have never really had poo on my eggs-I have tons of fresh pine shavings in their nesting box mixed with DE and I clean it everyday like a kitty litter box-so mine sit in the nesting box until 5ish-then right into fridge-I have never had to wash them.
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    I put my directly in the frig. I read that one day out of the frig. is equal to one week if they are refrig. I keep them as fresh as possible. Some people leave them out but I don,t care for the idea. Also remember that if you are going to hatch them do not refrigerate them. Gloria Jean
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    Jul 16, 2009
    I, personally, don't wash unless there's poop or in the case of new pullets, a little blood on them. I also collect them every day and I do refridge. But you don't need to do these things. Refridging is not nessessary. I hear they can last just as long not cooled. And washing is supposed to take away something on the shell that helps keeps out bacteria. And I just collect them every day because I go out there 10 times a day. [​IMG]

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