Gave wet feed for the first time. No one cared


7 Years
Aug 15, 2016
First time I ever tried it and no one cared. I’ll try again this evening although I don’t think I’ll have to because as of writing this they still haven’t touched it. I know they feed early morning then rest during the day because it’s so hot and then feed again in the evening. So I think that was the issue. They already foraged and are taking it easy during the heat of the day.

As far as the wet feed goes - more water I’m guessing? Do you make it mush? I dampened it so it was crumbly but not mushy. I know they go crazy for the wet feed when I empty the water bucket but that’s usually during the evening when they are active and pecking everything.

So I’ve noted I’ll likely need better containers for it. Not so tall of a tray. And at least they are not eating off the ground anymore.

Here’s a video how I did it. Like everything I just fly by the seat of my pants and learn as I go.

I take mine just a step beyond crumbly in favor of more moisture. If there's water seeping out of the spoonfuls I ladle out, that's too wet for me. If it crumbles a lot and I have trouble making a spoonful, it's too dry. Rather than moistening the food, I do the reverse. I start with water in the bucket, filled to a level I've determined through trial and error will work well, then add feed. How much feed depends on whether I have pellets or crumbles. I prefer pellets, but I buy whichever is cheaper/in stock. I put out just a little in the morning, provided they're being allowed out to range, then actually fill the bowls only in the evening. I use the big black sloped bowls from TSC with two compartments, to prevent them being tipped over, plus a handful of smaller bowls we just have hanging around. They always finish what I put out in the morning, though usually there are leftovers in the evening. I let them finish the leftovers in the morning, part of the reason why I only feed a little new stuff in the AM.
Yup they don’t get it this way every day. I’ll have to look for something next time at the store.
I measure a 1/4 cup dry crumbles for every two chickens.
I add water to cover feed, twice as high as feed before adding water.
I serve immediately. As chickens eat, it slowly thickens. They love it. 20190826_132741_resized.jpg . GC
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I would keep offering smaller amounts to begin. They don't like change and they're to chicken to try new things sometimes.

I ferment feed, mine like it thicker. I leave it out all day, they usually finish it before they roost. They also have dry feed available all the time.

Fermented feed.jpg
I would use a shallower dish. I personally like the rubber ones they sell at Tractor Supply Co. This may be why they didn't eat it. All of my chickens will eat this right away with out a care. I have never had anyone not eat it, even when I first fed it
Mine like it wet and sloppy like pancake batter. If it gets drier (like chunky oatmeal) I have to actually add water and stir :rolleyes:. They slurp up any thick floating water and messily eat up the wet feed first! Silly birds. But, I’ve sprinkled seeds or a few berries etc in top so there is something visually appealing to draw them over if I haven’t given it to them for awhile. My neighbor just takes his hose to the feed tray and soaks it and walks away, so they all have different preferences.
Thanks for the feedback! Next time I buy food, which will be soon, I’ll check out the dishes at Tractor Supply.

I use a mineral feeder from TSC, I made key hole slots so I can hang and remove it easy. Hanging it, keeps keeps them from stepping in it.

Edit: I tried the link and it doesn't go to the feeder, never had a problem linking before. Look up mineral feeder on TSC.

mineral feeder with key hole slots.jpg
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