Geese and Sandy


9 Years
May 22, 2010
The day before Sandy was to hit our geese Betty and June would come up on the deck and call until I came out. I'd come out tell them everything was alright they would go back down the stairs and slowly walk to their pen. The pictures are so identical because they'd come up call me then walk away literally every 15-20 minutes, they did this at least a dozen times, as if to tell me "ITS COMING". When Sandy hit I locked them in their coop and they were very happy to stay in safe. We call them our nervous Nellies. I love my Nellies.


We did get wind but the gusts were only 50-60 mph. Hardly any rain, thank God. We live on the side of a mountain and when we get inches of rain we are trouble.
My girls are a little crazy they also love the snow. They fly (well sort of) up and down the yard. They would just stay out eating it flapping in it finally I have to make them go in and lock the door. Their feet get so red and I'm sure numb that they will lay on them warm them and start again. CRAZY
They let me know when the crows are coming. They will run up and down the yard yelling way before they arrive.
Funny, now that you mention this, I have to say my geese and ducks were acting different as well. Didn't think much about it at the time as I was trying to get everything ready for all my birds in case we lost power.

They were right with me no matter where I went in the yard and even though they didn't stay long, they were constantly asking to go back into their pen. They never, ever do that. No bickering with the turkeys or the chickens either come to think about it. Huh, thanks for posting this!
Animals definitely know when something is up. I was outside feeding the neighbor's horses on the morning of the 2001 Nisqually earthquake here in WA. As I walked down the path through the trees to the barn, I remember thinking, "wow, it's quiet this morning." Normally the birds would be chirping up a storm in the morning. A few minutes later the earthquake hit.

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