geese and turkeys live together?


6 Years
Apr 24, 2014
Hi I was wondering if any one had any experience with housing turkeys and geese together. I have 3 gosling I think there Toulouse not really sure I bought both of them from a local feed store, they are about two weeks old and I have 3 bbb turkeys I also bought from the same feed store they are about three weeks old right know I have them separated in 2' x 4' brooding coops, but when there about 3 months old I plan to move them to a coop with a 25' x 50' run. I was wondering if any one had any experience with housing these two together with a similar set up. thanks
They will do fine together. Geeses are relentless. Turkeys will have their scuffles where they flog a goose. But they act alone. Geese act in unison and the offender will be chased down by all 3 and bitten. It doesn't take long for the turkeys to learn to leave them alone. They aren't that bright but they know that getting chased and bitten is a bad thing so their behavior is modified. I just hatch and brood them together. They have minor scuffles now and again but nothing ever serious and no blood. Keep the turkeys away from chickens though as they are way to small to defend themselves and toms will kill the hen chickens by suffocating them trying to mate.

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