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Mar 2, 2011
My husband and I recently bought our first house. We love the property it came with (6 acres, mostly wooded, great gardening area, large open yard, and a pond). The house and property also came with a whole lotta birds! We have a peacock and hen, several doves in a large outdoor enclosure, 23 chickens (2 roosters, 21 mixed breed laying hens), as well as some wild ducks and 3 geese. Since we never intended on being "mini farmers" I did a lot of reading up before taking over the property. And the former owners had us over several times before closing to go through the routines, etc, and left us with several books and many pages of handwritten notes. We've gotten a pretty good hang of it. All of our birds are healthy and seem happy. And I've been trying to do things "right" from the start.

Here's where I need advice...

The three geese have become a big issue. My husband hates them. And I am starting to come over to his side. Two are Canada geese and the other is a large domestic goose, I don't know the actual breed name but I've always heard of them referred to as "farm geese" which I'm sure isn't helpful. This one is the primary issue. He is very aggressive. He follows us around the yard and hisses and honks constantly even if we're nowhere near him. This gets the two Canada geese riled up and they start honking, too, and they won't stop until we've completely left the yard.

I've tried some suggestions I've heard like "establishing pecking order" but he doesn't seem to care. Neither my husband nor I have ever run away from him, we've always stood our ground. He knows we're the ones that put out food, we've lived in the house for over 4 months now. So I don't know what the issue is. Other suggestions have been to not provide food (a little impossible since we free range our chickens during the day and thus give them access to food and water outside the coops, and we also still like the ducks who rely on us for food), or to make the property less attractive for geese, again, we can't really do this since we like the way the property is and it's only the geese that are the issue.

The female Canada goose was born on the property and suffered a wing injury while her mother sat with her, which is why she didn't migrate when the rest of her flock moved on. So the former owners purposefully hatched her a "mate" so she wouldn't be lonely. So they stay all year round with this other domestic goose.

On top of the annoyance of them constantly honking at us, and the frustration of them chasing us, I'm getting tired of goose poop everywhere. The chickens keep to certain parts of the yard so their poop is not an issue, but the geese come up to the house and into our sheds and all over the yard and they leave huge poops everywhere which makes our yard less enjoyable for us. On days where his patience is lower my husband talks about wanting to just "shoot that stupid goose!" I know he's just very frustrated and neither of us are able to enjoy our new house and property because of them. But, killing them doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

So ... do I get rid of them? I'm leaning toward yes. But, don't know where to start. It seems since they are all somewhat "domesticated" it's not a job for animal control. But, I wouldn't know the first thing about how to trap them, and then what to do with them once I had them. But, they are really making us feel uncomfortable in our own yard and I'm pretty sure they need to go. I should also mention that we are new to the area, new to the state even, so we don't have any "connections" to reach out to. And the former owners moved well out of state.

personally when i have a more aggressive one to deal with I will scoop them up as they get after me and hold them. letting them bite on one hand while i calmly hold beak. Does not take them long to realize they do not scare or hurt you enough and they will leave you alone. I have one now that was so mean i was paid to come get it off the property because the farm hands who deal with all the cows were scared to go in the pen with it. They laughed when i walked in scooped him up accepted the payment and the goose in only 5 minutes. Now he is not aggressive at all. Only took me about 3 times holding him and about 2-3 weeks. They will mess with you if they can sense your nervous.
Hmmm I might try this ... but may I ask (without sounding too silly) ... how do you just scoop him up? These three geese make sure to get just close enough to me to be a real nuisance, but if I turn toward them they keep just out of reach. I'm pregnant so I can't really run them down and throw myself on them. So, do I need to sneak up on him or something? He's also pretty big! But, I'm really willing to try anything. They're driving us nuts.
I got an idea for you, if there is a US ARMY Corp., park around you or a State Park, they actually have Canada Geese. You can talk to them and see if they would mind if you added to their flock.
JustAChickenLittle&More :

I got an idea for you, if there is a US ARMY Corp., park around you or a State Park, they actually have Canada Geese. You can talk to them and see if they would mind if you added to their flock.

OH YEAH! Why didn't I think of that? I don't know if they'd take the domestic gander ... but maybe the two Canadas for sure. Thanks for that suggestion!​
took me a long time to figure out my swoop technique. LOL I just learned to grab the beak and then hold while i wrapped arm around and pick up.

You may be better off to rehome them. I dont have any little ones around to worry about except during a tour. Good luck
Yeah ... the more I think about it ... the more I worry about this behavior once our daughter is born. I really need to find someone to take them. Since you've got experience with taking unwanted geese of people's hands, any suggestions on how to do this? I'd hate to just go willy nilly with an ad have them end up dead. I may not like them, but they're just being geese.
Geese are natural bullies. And like all bullies, big fat wimps inside. I was a bit cautious about ours when we got 'em a year or so ago, I gradually learned what wusses they really are. However, one friend of ours was chased by them - wish I'd seen it

Like any animal, geese can be "taught" to be bad. It's just basic animal training here. When I was new to geese, I thought they might gang up and bite me or who knows what, so when they'd get hissy etc., I'd just stay there and talk to them, like I'm just too big and dumb anyway for any threat to register. Just plain old out-stubborn them.

It seems lots of people end up with pet Canada geese but they're not a domestic type goose. The "farm" goose you should be able to re-home on Craig's List.
I'm sorry to hear your havinig such problems with your geese.

Look at it this way. The geese know they live at that house and they know you dont. They think your intruders.

If you want to keep them you really have to work with them, i.e. bring them treats, hold them or anything else people say to do. You may want to make a pen for them and keep them in a smaller area so they cant rule the roost as it were.

I hope whatever you do its best for you and the geese. Geese that like you are really fun to have. Mine follow me around and talk to me and will come up and investigate verything im doing. Sometimes if im wearing something they dont like or doing something


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