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Discussion in 'Geese' started by rainplace, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Our three new minis integrated nicely with the two geese we've had since they were goslings. It's actually pretty cool to watch the five of them follow each other around. Ranaya, our chinese, still thinks of herself as half duck, so half the time she's off with the duck flock. This week or next, I'll be separating the flock into their own breeding areas.

    At first I had intended to keep Rommy and Ranaya with the utility hens (6 egg layers), a few excess drakes (3, two of which are bantams), and our nonbreeder mini-goose. That puts 9 ducks and 3 geese in an area with the largest amount of space.

    For the next largest space I had planned on two housing units sharing the same foraging area. The two mini-geese in one house with the runner trio in the other.

    The bantams are inconsequential - I think.

    However, the thought of breaking up the small flock of geese tears at my heart.

    It appears that the two mini geese I plan to breed have paired up. If they have, could I just keep them with Rommy and Ranaya? Rommy seems to like being with then hens more than anything... will that change as breeding season comes? Would I be asking for trouble?

    If I can't keep all the geese together, how does the division above look? Is it okay to have ducks and geese sharing forage area?
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    Jan 14, 2010
    I have Chinese( white and brown) geese and Muscovy ducks in the same chicken "tractor." They all take turns chasing each other but I think it's mostly a dominance thing, or maybe just a game(" Let's chase that funny goose with red stuff all over his face!") They don't injure each other- besides the ducks muddying the geese's water.

    My Ameraucana male thinks he belongs in with the Pekin ducks since he had been put with them for awhile..."LET ME IN! I miss my duck family!"
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    No matter how bonded they may be, hormones change during breeding season and I'm sure you dont want to have mixed goslings. They shouldn't mind being split up just for the season.
  4. rainplace

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    Quote:Yeah, that's pretty much what I concluded. I'd die if Rommy fathered any of Mrs. Minis goslings...
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    Be aware! my smallest mini goose female and HUGE rare blue Seb LOVE each other! It breaks my heart to part them-for their own good!
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    Quote:Yeah, that's pretty much what I concluded. I'd die if Rommy fathered any of Mrs. Minis goslings...

    Don't forget there is about a 4 week period while while she is sitting on the nest and he isn't getting any! my pilgrim gander was very firmly bonded to his mate who was the BOSS of the flock but after she went broody he started climbing a 6 foot wire fence every other day or so to go visit his tufted Roman girl that thought he was a big handsome bird and then sneak back home again. If his mate had caught him I would have ganderburgers. Instead I got some multi colored goslings all with tuffs on their head that I had to give away. But boy was he a proud daddy.~gd

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