Geese breeds comparison table

Are you misreading "Weeding" as "Wedding"?

Geese are sometimes used as "weeders" in orchards, in certain types of field crops and around homes. The column titled "weeding" indicates that breed's general level of talent at being used as "weeders".
OK, does that mean guarding dog? I really don't get it. I'm from a country that English is not the first language.
No, not guarding.

Weeds are plants that grow wild and usually are broad leafed. That is, they have broad leaves rather than being narrow like grass. Weeds are not wanted in fields where crops are being grown, in flower beds, in vegetable gardens, etc. They grow over the crops, compete for nutrients from the soil, water and sunlight which can cause the crops to not grow well. Geese can be trained to eat those weeds and leave the crops alone. And throughout history that have been used by commercial growers to weed (eat the invasive, wild plants) in their fields. Today, usually people think of weeding as how much grass and vegetation the geese like to eat though because weeder geese have mostly been replaced by herbicides (chemicals that kill the weeds) and machines in farming. The column on that chart shows how well each breed can be trained to do that and/or how likely they are to forage for weeds to eat.

Does that help?
I got it, thank yo very much!
I think I'm not that bad at English, but sometimes when it's not your natural language it's hard to make new words association good enough to understand a conversation, thank you again you helped a lot.
I think I'm getting some gooses. xD
Thanks for posting that link. It's very interesting. I see so many people on this board asking what kind of geese should they get and this chart breaks it down nicely.
No prob., you have to thank to Metzer farms, they are a great and professional hatchery, and they have a pretty interesting site.
Metzer Farms once offered me a gift certificate if I posted a little ad for them in a description of a duckling video I posted on Youtube. I never heard of them before then. But, since I joined this forum, I've heard a lot of good things about them.

I never wrote them back about the certificate as I can't have any birds where I live right now. But, I wonder if I should and accept the certificate. Do they have feed and duck-lover accessories, too (i.e. T-shirts, jewelry)?

I see they have eggs for eating and baking, too.
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