Geese gone broody


8 Years
May 31, 2011
Warrenton, Virgina
I have 2 female geese that have gone broody. Right now I am wondering if their eggs are ever fertile. I have a gander and I have hatched eggs from him before so I know he is doing his job. But one is sitting on 12 eggs! The other I have no idea yet. They have been sitting a while so I would have thought something would have hatched by now but nothing. I am wondering should I kick them off their nests so I can candle their eggs? I have already accidentally scared one off a nest when I had to clean out part of their coop. I found a few eggs that fell out of the nest so I took them and cracked them open. No development may have just been infertile. She came back 10 minutes later so I wasn't to worried about the eggs. They also keep switching nests as well... The brown chinese who has been sitting has been doing so for ...hmmm... about 3 weeks or more I think... The other goose started last week and I don't know if she took some of the brown girls eggs or made her own nest. So what should I do? Wait more and see what happens or candle and get rid of dud eggs? I want them to hatch their own because if they are willing hey why should I get in the way of that? More room in my incubator!

Here are some pictures. In that nest counted 12. Those are just the ones I can see in the nest....
Tis the season. I have one broody on eggs, One with 3 chicks and a Call duck with one chick. I would just leave them and let nature be. Have Fun. They are so fun to watch.
We've had 3 broody geese so far this year, so I feel for you lol. Since the one has been setting for about 3 weeks, those eggs should be fairly close to hatching. You can candle if you want, but you don't have to. I always have a hard time resisting and usually do candle at least once lol. Good luck with them.
Alrighty sounds like I'll just let them be for now and if I get reallllly curious candle :p. Hopefully more little goslings will be running around soon! Good luck to everyone with broody mamas! :)

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