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    May 5, 2011
    I know winter is far away and no one wants to think about it, but what do you do for shelter for geese in the winter? Right now when they need shelter the ducks and geese are under the chicken coop that is probably 2 feet off the ground with no sides. I want to build them a shelter for winter but don't know how insulated it needs to be (I live in New England). I want to build a hoop house type building and i am wondering if that will be sufficient or do they need a better insulated wooden structure? This is what i'm talking about I'm going to put some plastic over it in winter.

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    First off, how many geese do you have? Do you plan on locking them in at night or just strictly using it for them to choose to get out of the harsh weather? I have two three sided sheds located in two seperate fenced in area for my 16 geese. I put their food bowls in them all year round so it stays dry but the only time they use them is for short periods in the winter when the termperatures are in the single digits and the wind is blowing heavily. ( They do get some relief when they are in there eating as well but to say they actually lay down and stay in there is few and far between. I even put brooder lights in the ceilings last winter thinking they would use them more but they didn't. The main thing for shelter is for them to get out of the harsh bitter winds. I supplement their pellets with some cracked corn in the winter as this helps them keep their body temperatures warm and mine do just fine all winter and we have some bitterly cold days in Indiana.
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    Quote:You must have short geese, my goose wouldn't fit under the coop. They do need shelter, out of drafts and snow and ice. and safe from predators. That hoop house is nice but I hope it is going to be larger than the one pictured, ducks and geese need space. Theres 2 books that you might be interested in . The Book of Geese by Dave Holderread and also Storeys guide to Raising Ducks, by Dave Holderread. for ducks space needed is 2 to 6 sq. ' depending on size of duck. outside yard space is 2 to 10 sq.' per bird.
    geese,if penned up over night they need 71/2to 10 sq.' of floor space per bird. The main reason to close them up at night is predation. They can take the elements pretty good. These 2 books also give sample housing for each of these breeds. All the best. and I will say I only have 1 goose and I have 9 ducks and they all are locked up at night in their own house. They go in on their own too. But they have since I first got them so they are use to it, I could never leave my animals outside at night unless they were in something like fort knox. too many predators here. They free range during the daytime.
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