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Mar 8, 2012
My sebastopool geese are not suppose to hatch till this Saturday at 28 days but they are already peeping. One peeped all night and now it isn't, I candled it and it is not moving inside. Do you think it is resting or do you think it could have died? I am stressing and ready to cry. I only got 4 eggs and only 2 of them have turned out to be good. I have the humidity up to 75% what to do, what to do? Please tell me I didn't kill it by candling it.
Thank you! Wait, how long is forever? These are my first and I'm not sure I can contain my excitement l:D
I had a goose egg pip on day 28 and he didn't hatch until the 31st day.They just take their time hatching..I just hatched out 12 goose eggs 3 weeks ago and it seemed to take forever.
So do they just stop peeping before they hatch? It's been two days and no peep. Today is day 28.
They Can Stop Peeping,Has The Egg Been Moving At All? I Know Mine Wiggled So Much Before Hatching It Sounded Like They Were Banging On The Walls Of The Incubator.If Today Is Day 28,You Still Have Time.Try Not To Worry Yet...
No the eggs are not moving I have also candled them and can not tell if they are moving now.
If today is day 28 I wouldn't worry about them they could be resting up for the hatch it takes alot or work to get out of the egg. Is your humidity up ?

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