geese sharing nests and ganders


Jun 1, 2017
Kenilworth Qld Australia
Strange things have been happening in our garden. The first goose Gertrude 4 ( a full pilgrim) and hubby Eric 5 a tufted roman have hatched their 8 goslings 2 of which we are rearing ( see thread late hatch gosling left behind). The 2nd older goose Gabrielle ( half Pilgram 1/2 embden 3 is not far off hatching her brood 4 weeks + on the nest.
Gertrudes nest had 13 eggs after 7 days ( I had a feeling Gabrielle or another goose had been laying there as well).
The other 5 geese are Gabrielle's + Erics daughters from last year. I'm pretty sure Gabrielle and her daughters mated with " the uncles Edward & Ernest tufted Roman Pilgram cross 2y old although Gabrielles only son Blush (who is bigger than Eric) was guarding her nest early on while the uncles were fighting Eric for his 5 virgins. We havn't been able to see how many eggs Gabby is sitting on

The first daughters nest is in the old vege garden originally started by Fleck & I have seen 3 different geese Blanca, & Gizelle laying on it !
after 5 days of laying Fleck sat on this nest of 13 eggs for 2 1/2 weeks with the uncles guarding the nest. Then we heard a dreadfull commotion 5ish am and found Fleck off the nest with most of her flight feathers gone and with blood between her legs in the front walking very tenderly. Blanca was now installed on the nest with the Uncles guarding it ! Poor Fleck made several attempts to get her nest back but didn't have a chance against 3 of them.

Patch has another nest behind one of the water tanks also with 13 eggs ! after 6 days of laying and has managed to keep her nest. When Gertrude was sitting not far from Gabrielle Eric & Blush appeared to be guarding Gertrude, Gabrielle and Patch. But once Gertrude left the nest Eric stayed with her while Blush appeared to be guarding Fleck. Finally Gizelle the smallest has layed 3 eggs in front of this tank after having layed on at least 2 other nests and we found one on the lawn !
We don't need so many geese so we would like to re home them but I don't want to split up any marriages. How will I be able to tell which ones are the boys 1st wives and which are a mere mistress ? that I can find a hubby of their own for ?
Geese older than 2 usually have their favourite female aka their wife. They younger geese usually don't properly pair up until they're a bit older. Young geese tend to mate with who ever appeals to them but not a proper wife or husband (yet).

I agree by grabbing the eggs and not allowing them to sit because trust me if one goose makes a good hatch she can have many goslings.

The younger geese you can pick a random male with a random female.

The older geese hang around with their spouses so it's easy to tell which are pairs.


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